Monday, November 16, 2015

16th nov 2015

Using taxi are so expensive - travel bus is 3500 kyats to kyeik htee yo . taxi fare to aung mingalar is 6000 kyats . On that day so heavy rain while we are on bus to mountain . Very heavy , scary , I scared to see outsides  , I gave my umbrella to uk guys . I bought rain coat 1000 each x 10 pieces , we divided three each to cover ourself and our belonging. I covered my head with hat . My cheek are so painful because rain is so heavily  and mountain car was driving continuously non stop  . Mountain bus cost is 2500 kyats each . I paid for three person . I am thinking I am doing over care but for me  either 10000 kyats, or 20000 kyats is nothing . They are visitors .  I should treat them . At mountain They plan to stay .,,xx hotel 145 US dollar for one night  which was quite far from yin pin . I persuaded them to move nearer place is 100 to 140 dollar . One  helper guy accompany with me and we did look around near by hotel . I was impressed by others  I am gong to check in with uk guy . But this is my guess nay be they are thinking I am tour guide . Lastly after spending one hour they decided to stay at xx hotel with 145 dollar . Quite nice . They ask me where am I going to stay z . I said I going to public area . I went 1. Tatie Tha Place the cheapest one is 30000 kyats ,I go guest house near by recto shop ć 10000 kyats and 15000 Kyar two place . Quite bad with my status . So small and not secure . I go 4 th place not bad 15000 kyats  one helper is with me he help to carry our three person bags I paid 3000 kyats to him   And extra tip2000 kyats to him . As do nation who needs money . 

My room is not bad near by room are Ali's quit ok . The worst thing is whole bag was wet , all my cloths  we're wet because of sudden rain. Another problem is bed sheet has stain , eventhough they wash . So much annoyed and  feeling nauseated . I am standing beside the bed about 20 mins do not know what to do . do not want to lie on bed .  Thinking to check put and will go another place to stay . Thinking ask them to change . But lastly I used one blanket as bed sheet because they gave  two .